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Buner is a district in the northwest of Pakistan. It is home to several noteworthy historical sites, and is known for its traditional hand-loomed textiles. Buner has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, primarily driven by an influx of jobs in the tech industry. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google have established offices there, creating many new opportunities for locals.
Unemployment is a major issue in Pakistan, with the latest estimates indicating one out of every three people being unemployed. This lack of economic opportunity has been a major contributing factor to poverty and social unrest, with the lack of job security making it difficult for individuals to thrive. As a result, job creation initiatives have become increasingly important. One such example of this is the Buner Jobs Program, which was launched in 2018 with the aim of creating thousands of new jobs in the Buner Valley area.

The current state of the country has many parents afraid of their children’s future. In order to make their future brighter, many are turning to innovative solutions such as Buner Jobs in Pakistan. It offers an opportunity for young people to gain exposure to the world of business. Not only does this give them an opportunity to gain valuable skills, but it also provides them with a platform to share their creativity and ideas.

Jobs in Buner District and Session Courts 2023