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Balochistan Revenue Authority Internship 2023



The Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA) is the government agency responsible for tax collection in the province of Balochistan. The Authority has announced the Balochistan Revenue Authority BRA Internships 2023, which will provide talented young people with the opportunity to gain work experience and launch their careers. This internship program is designed to provide individuals with practical knowledge and training so they can become professionals in their field. new internship opportunities were made available by the Government of Balochistan for residents under the 2023 BRA revenue of the Balochistan Authority for Internships.Balochistan residents interested in an internship opportunity should apply.

Regional and central offices of the Balochistan Revenue Agency (BRA) offer internships. This Internship at Balochistan BRA Revenue Agency 2023 is open to interested candidates across the region to apply through the process established by the organization.

LocationBalochistan Pakistan
Posted On03-March-2023
Last Date31-March-2023
Post PositionMultiple
CompanyBalochistan Revenue Authority Internship
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Vacant Positions For Balochistan Revenue Authority Internship 2023:

  • Internship Program 2023

How to Apply Balochistan Revenue Authority Internship 2023:

  • Interested candidates may apply online at Applicants can forward Applications Online through this portal only.

Job Details:

  • published this Jobs at Balochistan Revenue Authority Internship.
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  • BRA Internship 2023 and the remaining date to use for this process is given withinside the ad.

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BRA Internships 2023
Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA) Internships 2023

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Q.What are the Selection Criteria for BRA Internships in Balochistan Revenue 2023?

A.Balochistan Revenue BRA Internship 2023 The selection process is based on your academic record, skills and interview results. The agency selects applicants based on their eligibility criteria and invites them to an interview. Final selection is based on candidate’s overall performance.

Q.How long do BRA internships in Balochistan last in 2023?

A.The internship duration for the Balochistan Revenue BRA Stages 2023 is six months. During this time, interns gain hands-on experience in revenue management, tax collection, and other related fields.

Q.Can international students apply for BRA 2023 internships with the Balochistan Revenue Authority?

A.No, international students cannot apply for BRA Internships in Balochistan Revenue 2023. Only Pakistani citizens who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for internships.

Q.What is the role of intern in Balochistan Revenue BRA Internship 2023?

A.The role of BRA Internship 2023 Baluchistan Revenue Intern is to assist the Revenue Management team in various tasks such as tax collection, auditing and record keeping. Apprentices are also required to attend training courses and seminars to improve their qualifications.

Q.Is it possible to work in Baluchistan Revenue BRA 2023 after completing the internship?

A.There is no guarantee of getting a job after completing internships in Balochistan Revenue BRA 2023.However, an internship provides valuable work experience and insight into the field of revenue management, which can help interns in their future careers.


The Balochistan Revenue Authority BRA Internship 2023 is a great opportunity for recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in revenue management. The internship program aims to improve the skills and competencies of interns and provide them with practical experience in tax collection, auditing and record keeping.

To apply for an internship, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and submit the required documentation through the online application process. If selected, interns will receive a salary and other benefits during the six-month internship period.

Overall, Balochistan Revenue Authority BRA Internships 2023 offer a promising opportunity for professional development and advancement. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills, expand your knowledge and gain valuable work experience.